Friday 27 Novebmer
19:15-20:15 GMT+7

Synopsis: In this online symposium, three worldwide renowned surgeons will present their experiences with tissue selective hydro dissection and the ERBEJET®2 technology in hepatic surgery. The topics of their presentations: challenging laparoscopic hepatic resections, challenging open resections as well as living donor hepatic transplant and ALLPS procedures. These presentations will focus on practical examples from daily routine surgery with ERBEJET®2 technology. The speakers will illustrate the observations and results of tissue selective hydro-dissection on clinical cases.

Hydrosurgery has been successfully used in oncological surgery for many years. Tissue structures are dissected selectively and gently by the ERBEJET®2. During resection of the liver, the blood vessels and bile ducts are separated selectively from the parenchyma and their size is revealed by the waterjet. With the athermal (non thermal) tissue selective hydro dissection, Intraoperative blood loss is reduced, as is the need for blood transfusions.

Chair: A/Prof Sean Cleary, Mayo Clinic Rochester, United States






Presentation title: Selective Hydro-dissection in Live Donor hepatectomies and Liver Resections
Presenter: Prof Roberto Hernandez-Alejandro, University of Rochester, United States





Presentation title: ERBEJET®2 for challenging hepatic resections
Presenter: Prof Charbel Sandroussi, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Australia





Presentation title: Hepatic Excavation by ERBEJET®2
Presenter: Prof Etsuro Hatano, Hyogo College of Medicine, Japan






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