Local Organising Committee


  • Christopher Christophi

    Head of the Hepatobiliary and Transplant Unit and Chairman of the Division of Surgery/Austin Hospital


  • Dr David Cavallucci

    VMO in general surgery/St Andrews Hospital

  • Saxon Connor

    HPB Surgeon/Christchurch hospital

  • Mr Michael Fink

    Hepato-pancreato-biliary and liver transplant surgeon/Austin Hospital

  • Professor Thomas Hugh

    Professor of Surgery, Chair of Surgery/Northern Clinical School

  • Professor Vincent Lam

    Professor of Surgery, Macquarie University; Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgeon, Westmead Hospital/Macquarie University

  • Dr Nicholas O’Rourke

    Consultant in general, laparoscopic and hepatobiliary surgery/The Wesley Hospital

  • Professor Rob Padbury

    Director of Surgery and Perioperative Medicine/Southern Adelaide Local Health Network, SA Health

  • Dr Marcos Perini

    Senior Lecturer of Surgery - University of Melbourne | HPB and Liver Transplant Surgeon/Austin Hospital

  • Arthur Richardson

    Hepato-Biliary, Upper Gastro-Intestinal and General Surgeon | Associate Professor/University of Sydney

  • Dr Tom Wilson

    Clinical Director of General & Digestive Surgery/Flinders Medical Centre

  • Dr David Yeo

    Upper GI Surgeon


    IHPBA Executive Committee

    • Professor Martin Smith – President
    • Professor Oscar Imventarza – Past President
    • Professor Norihiro Kokudo – President Elect
    • Professor Kevin Conlon – Secretary General
    • Dr William Jarnagin – Treasurer
    • Dr Shailesh Shrikhande – Chairman, Scientific Programme Committee
    • Dr Elijah Dixon – Treasurer Elect
    • Professor Cornelis H.C (Kees) Dejong – Secretary General Elect


    IHPBA 2020 Scientific Programme Committee

    • Dr Shailesh Shrikhande, India – Chairman
    • Dr Javier Lendoire, Argentina – Vice Chairman
    • Professor Rowan Parks, UK – Past Chairman
    • Professor Albert Chan, Hong Kong
    • Professor Christopher Christophi, Australia
    • Dr Felipe Coimbra, Brazil
    • Dr Michael D’Angelica, USA
    • Dr Majella Doyle, USA
    • Professor Itaro Endo, Japan
    • Professor Jin-Young Jang, Korea
    • Dr Roberto Hernandez, USA
    • Professor Rob Padbury, Australia
    • Professor Ajith Siriwardena, UK
    • Professor Christian Toso, Switzerland
    • Professor Tian Yang, China