Faculty Presentations

Symposia, Update Lectures and Video Presentations available to view on-demand from 27 November 2020..

Please note that this list does not include the “live” oral sessions which will not be available to view until the live congress dates (27-29 November). All live sessions will be made available on-demand up to 48 hours after they have been aired in the “live programme”.

Liver Symposia

Conversion of Unresectable Liver Metastasis

Role of Modern Systemic Chemotherapy in CRLM – Michael D’Angelica – United States

Role of Ablation Therapies – Vincent Lam – Australia

Y-90/SBRT- Prasad Wagle – India

Case Presentation – Héber Ribeiro – Brazil

Innovation in Minimally Invasive Liver Surgery

Evaluation and Patient Selection – Daniel Cherqui – France

Laparoscopic Techniques in Difficult Segments – Nicholas O’Rourke – Australia

Various Techniques of Parenchymal Transection – Go Wakabayashi – Japan

Navigation and Intra Operative Imaging – Patrick Pessaux – France

Robotic Techniques – John Martinie – United States

Level 1 Evidence in Liver Resection and Surgery

CLOCC Study – Lessons Learned – Michael D’Angelica – United States

Long Term Survival Data from the OSLO-COMET Trial – Åsmund Avdem Fretland – Norway

Adjuvant Chemotherapy for Resected Colorectal Liver Metastasis – What is the Level 1 Evidence? – Niall Tebbutt –Australia

Orange Segments – Mo Abu Hilal – United Kingdom

Orange ll+ Trial – Ronald van Dam – Netherlands

Resection in the Compromised Liver

NAFLD/NASH – Christian Toso – Switzerland

Chemotherapy-Induced Liver Disease – Paulo Herman – Brazil

Cirrhosis – Kiyoshi Hasegawa – Japan

Cholestatic Liver – Deniz Balci – Turkey

Expected Small Remnant Liver – Masakazu Yamamoto – Japan

Pancreas Symposia

Chronic Pancreatitis

New ISPGS Standards for Reporting Surgery in CP – Ajith Siriwardena – United Kingdom

Tropical Chronic Pancreatitis – A Discrete Disease Entity – Hariharan Ramesh – India

Current Role of Total Pancreatectomy with Islet Autotransplantation for Chronic Pancreatitis – Katherine Morgan – United States

Surgery Versus Optimal Endoscopic Therapy for Chronic Pancreatitis: Lessons from the ESCAPE Trial – Olivier Busch – Netherlands

Differentiating Cancer from Autoimmune Pancreatitis – Sohei Satoi – Japan

Acute Pancreatitis

Approach to Walled Off Necrosis – Dejan Radenkovic – Serbia

Biliary Moderate Acute Pancreatitis. When to Perform Cholecystectomy? – Razman Jarmin – Malaysia

Persistent Organ Failure: New Thinking Needed – John Windsor – New Zealand

The Pointer Trial – Marc Besselink – Netherlands

Understanding Pathophysiology – Does it make a Difference (Combining Patient Management: Fluid Resuscitation) – Brendan Visser – United States

Cutting Edge Developments in Pancreas Cancer

Immunotherapy – David Linehan – United States

Genetics/Molecular Biology – Jorg Kleeff – Germany

The Dawn of Molecular Surgery: The Use of Next-Generation Proteomics in Hepatopancreaticobiliary Malignancies – Glenn Bonney – Singapore

Case Presentation – Management of Very Early Pancreas Cancer – Keiji Hanada – Japan

Non Secretory Pancreatic NETs

Working Algorithm with Updated Classification – Palepu Jagannath – India

Management of Localised Disease (including Observation) – Kyoichi Takaori – Japan

Surgical Management of Metastatic Disease – Melroy D’Souza – Sweden

Ablative Options in Locally Advanced and/or Metastatic Disease – Danielle DePeralta – United States

Biliary Symposia

Challenges in Diagnosis and Management of Benign Cholangiopathy

Choledochal Cysts: Precise Clinical Classification and Treatment Strategy – Jiahong Dong – China

Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis – Peter Lodge – United Kingdom

Biliary Papillomatosis – Alfred Kow – Singapore

Case Presentation – Axel Andres – Switzerland

Autoimmune IgG4 Cholangiopathy – Viniyendra Pamecha – India

Bile Duct Stones with Gallbladder in Situ: An Evidence Based Approach

What is the Best Approach: A Review of the Literature – Jonathon Koea – New Zealand

Operative Cholangiography: Tips & Tricks – Tom Wilson – Australia

ERCP; Pre-, Intra- or Postoperative – Tom Wilson – Australia

Management of Locally Advanced Intra-Hepatic Cholangiocarcinoma

Neo-Adjuvant Loco-Regional Treatment – Zhaohui Tang – China

Strategies to Achieve an R0 Resection – Hauke Lang – Germany

Transplantation – Mark Ghobrial – United States

Management of Hilar Cholangiocarcinoma

Diagnostic Radiology to Determine Resectability – Itaru Endo – Japan

Preoperative Diagnosis and Biliary Drainage – Mariano Giménez – Argentina

Vascular Resection – Alejandro Serrablo – Spain

Adjuvant and Neoadjuvant Therapy – William Jarnagin – United States

Transplant Symposia

Tackling Complications in Liver Transplantation

Re-Exploration for Non-Bleeding Complications after Liver Transplantation: When and How to Deal? – Michael Crawford – Australia

Management of Graft Outflow Complications in Liver Transplantation – Kyung-Suk Suh – Korea, Republic of

Challenges in the Selection of Marginal Donors in Living Donor Liver Transplantation – Tomoharu Yoshizumi – Japan

Liver Transplantation for HCC

Predictor of Success in Liver Transplantation for HCC – Majella Doyle – United States

Management of HCC Recurrence after Resection and after Liver Transplantation – Viniyendra Pamecha – India

Risks and Benefits of Expanding the Donor Pool

Complications of Using Steatotic Grafts – Wellington Andraus – Brazil

Elderly Donors – What are the Risks? – Shimul Shah – United States

General HPB Symposia

Kenneth W Warren Fellowship

Kenneth Warren Research Award Review 2018 – Fabio Bagante – Italy

Kenneth Warren Research Award Review 2018 – Nouredin Messaoudi – Belgium

Kenneth Warren Research Award Review 2019 – Georgios Margonis – Greece

Kenneth Warren Research Award Review 2019 – Fangyu Zhou – China

Pancreas Update

Side Branch IPMN; What is the Real Risk?” – Jin-Young Jang – Korea, Republic of

Biliary Update

What is the Value of Hepato-Pancreatectomy in 2020? – Albert Chan – Hong Kong

New Developments in the Management of Biliary Atresia – Patricia Rebolledo Caro – Chile

Safe Cholecystectomy: Key Recommendations from the First Multi-Society Consensus Conference – Dan Deziel – United States

Current Standards in Management of Extra Hepatic Choledochal Cysts – Lianxin Liu – China

Transplant Update

Practice Changing Publications in 2019/2020 in Liver Transplantation – Stephen Wigmore – United Kingdom

Video Presentation

Robotic Whipple Resection – Shin-E Wang – Taiwan

Whipple Resection after Prior Choledochal Cyst Excision – Surendra Kumar Mathur – India