Friday 27 November
19:15-20:15 GMT+7

Synopsis: Prof. Abu Hilal and Prof. Wakabayashi will present their experiences and highly appreciated expertise with Fluorescence-guided Surgery. In endoscopic surgery, detecting structures earlier and differentiating them better is a necessity. The imaging technology has to replace the missing view of the open site. Alongside an optimal image, it is helpful to receive additional information that increases the precision of the surgical technique. This information is supplied, for instance, by NIR/ICG fluorescence imaging – an OPAL1® technology from KARL STORZ. The use of indocyanine green (ICG) together with light at wavelengths in the near infrared range (NIR) permits visualizing anatomic structures, for instance. KARL STORZ considers fluorescence technology a future standard imaging technique.

Chair: Prof Mohhamed Ballal, Fiona Stanley & St John of God Murdoch, West Perth, Australia






Presentation title: Illuminating the Paths in Laparoscopic Liver Surgery
Presenter: Dr Mohammad Abu Hilal, Fondazione Poliambulanza Hospital- Brescia, Italy
Professor Abu Hilal the chair of Surgery and the head of Hepatobiliary Pancreatic and minimally invasive surgery at the Poliambulanza Hospital, Brescia, Italy. He is also a Professor of Hepatobiliary Pancreatic and minimally invasive surgery at Southampton University were her worked till September 2019. He has a specialist interest in laparoscopic liver and pancreatic surgery and is one of the important leaders in the development of the laparoscopic approach worldwide. He has published extensively and has described surgical techniques for both major and minor liver resections as well as left and right pancreatic resections. Most importantly, her chaired the development of the first European guidelines on Laparoscopic Liver Surgery and co-chaired the development of the first International guidelines on Minimally Invasive Pancreatic Surgery Professor Abu Hilal has dedicated a lot of effort to training and teaching and in 2007 has developed the first international laparoscopic liver and pancreatic course, completing some 36 courses initially in Southampton and now in Brescia with more than 290 surgeons attending from all over the world with excellent feedbacks. He has performed more than 50 operations as liver link operation in international meetings and has operated as live demonstration in different countries around the world.


Presentation title: Illuminating the Paths in Laparoscopic Liver Surgery
Presenter: Dr Go Wakabayashi, Ageo Central General Hospital, Ageo, Saitama, Japan
Professor Go Wakabayashi’s expertise are Hepatopancreatic Biliary Surgery, liver transplantation, and laparoscopic surgery. He has operated more than 150 cases of living liver transplantation and over 3000 cases of HPB surgery and laparoscopic surgery. He was awarded Gold Medal of Video Olympics at WCES in 1996. He also practices aggressive surgery and multidisciplinary approach for extensive HPB malignancy. He holds important positions in numerous Japanese and international surgical societies.


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