Post Graduate Programs

HPB Surgery Quality Indicator Development Workshop

Currently no internationally accepted and applicable quality indicators (QI) exist for hepatopancreaticobiliary surgery although case volume is often used as a proxy for both individuals and units. Consequently, there are no clear standards to benchmark against for units, institutions or individual practices for accreditation for training or other purposes. The 2020 world congress of the International Hepatopancreaticobiliary Association (IHPBA) in Melbourne in 2020 provides an opportunity for the IHPBA to assemble an international faculty of hepatopancreaticobiliary (HPB) surgeons and associated specialties to develop internationally accepted QIs for HPB surgery.

The aim is to develop 8-12 measurable and applicable QIs each for surgery of the gallbladder, liver, pancreas and bile ducts.

How to become a Great HPB Surgeon through continuous improvement

The aim of this day is to attract trainees, fellows and young consultants with the purpose of focusing on the non-technical aspects of surgery that make good surgeons great. The learning objectives would be as follows:

  1. To understand that being a HPB surgeon requires a conscious commitment to lifelong learning
  2. To understand that learning takes many forms
  3. To understand investment in both technical and non-technical skills is required
  4. To understand good decision making is a critical component of becoming a great HPB surgeon
  5. To understand the critical relationship between the surgeon and a highly functional team.

Ever wondered what it takes to be a great HPB surgeon? What does it take to succeed? Why do some HPB surgeons seem to do better than others?

Come and learn the answers to these questions in an interactive and engaging format.

The day will include

  • Learning from the experts on how they improve their operating.
  • Understanding why being a better team member is critical to improving surgical outcomes
  • Dealing with failure and learning from success

Who should come to this course?
All trainees, Fellows and young consultants who want to be the best they can be. This is for the “thinking” HPB surgeon who would like to stand on the shoulders of giants and see further than they have seen.