Program Planner and Personal Itinerary

IHPBA 2020 is delighted to introduce the session iPlanner.

You can plan your congress program using our interactive iplanner which allows you to choose and save the sessions/presentations you wish to attend. We have provided a ‘Congress iplanner guide’ which includes some tips on how to use the iplanner.

On 21 September we have a postgraduate course and 2 workshops taking place.

Robotic Surgery Workshop
Postgraduate Course: How to become a complete HPB Surgeon through Continuous Improvement
Quality Indicators in HPB Surgery.

An outstanding scientific program that combines current evidence and state of the art technology has been organised and will provide an excellent opportunity for learning and discussion. From 22-24 September we will offer 3 Living Legend presentations, 6 Keynote sessions, Thomas Starzl Memorial Lecture, 18 Meet the Professor sessions, 29 focused symposia, 3 IHPBA meets “Partner Society” symposia, 20 update sessions, 12 debate sessions and 12 invited video presentations. In addition, we have long and mini oral, video, talking poster, electronic posters and electronic videos from abstracts submissions, planned over these three days.